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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Information On Growing Orchids For Beginners

Orchids have so many species that can be found on every continent, except on the continent of Antarctica. They can be grown not only outdoors, but also indoors. If you want your orchid plants to live long, however, there are some orchid care instructions that you should follow. Of course, some orchid types have more growing requirements so you should learn about caring for orchids tips that suit the kind of orchids you'll be caring for. Here are some basic orchids growing tips to remember, especially if you're growing your orchids indoors:

Tip A: Place your orchid in front of a curtain covered window.

Most resources on growing orchids for beginners will advise you to put your orchid plant by the window that's covered with sheer/thin curtains. In this way, your orchids can receive the amount of sunlight it needs in order to survive. Part of orchid care instructions is for you to make it a point not to expose the orchid to direct sunlight, so covering the windows with thin curtains is a good idea. Of course, too little sun light is also bad for your orchid's health, so it should always be placed by the windowsill with curtains in the morning and in the late afternoon as that is the time where the right amount of sunlight can be received by your orchid plants.

Tip B: Water your indoor orchid appropriately.

When caring for orchids, you should also know when's the right time to water them as well as how frequent the watering should be. During wintery months, orchids should be watered only once per week. Orchid care instructions for summer watering, however requires you to water orchids two times per week. Most books and articles on growing orchids for beginners, though, reiterates that the amount of watering may vary based on the orchid genus you have, the potting container you are using, and the climate in your location.

Tip C: Feed your plant the right amount of fertilizer.

One of the orchids growing tips that you should utilize is to fertilize the orchids properly. Feeding your orchid plant with a quart of orchid fertilizer every time you water it is enough. Be sure to make use of a good kind of fertilizer - one that has potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus is best for your indoor orchid.

Caring for orchids is not as hard as some people may believe. For as long as you learn and follow orchid care instructions to the letter, you can never go wrong. If this is your first time growing orchids in your home, you should read up on this topic: growing orchids for beginners, whether online or offline.

By :  Karen Winton

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