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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Varieties and Types of Orchids (2)

Another classification for orchids is those depending on the design or shape of their petals. For instance, the "moth orchids" or the Phalaenopsis orchid takes its name from the shape of its petals which resembles a moth diplaying his wings. The Phalaenopsis is probably the most common types that you can find and buy at the local grocery or garden store. Pink or pinkish is the most popular color for this species that is why some fashion designers have named such color as "orchid" which is of course,rather confusing since pink is not just the common color of all orchids. Wild Phalaenopsis are epiphytes, and usually grow on trees.

Another type of orchid which is also rather very popular is the Dendrobium. These are the type that are displayed in hotels and massage parlors for that "oriental" and relaxed atmosphere. The Dendrobium comes in many colors such as white, green, purple, pink, yellow, and some with combinations of such colors. Dendrobium is one of the largest orchid genera. These species live as epiphytes and lithophytes in New Zealand, Tahiti, New Guinea, Southern China, Thailand (where it is very famous), Japan and Australia.

Slipper Orchids are another type. Slipper orchids have strange appearances and there are no other types of flowers which are similar to them. Their petals have pouch-shaped lips. These orchids are terrestial. There are four genera included in this classification. They are the Paphiopedilum,Phragmipedium, Cypripedium and selenepidium. These varieties are usually hard to grow except for the Paphiopedilum which you can readily buy at orchid stores.

There is an orchid which seems to grow best in Southern California. This is the Cymbidium, more popularly known as the "Boat orchid". These are probably the most popular orchid in painting history since it is said that depictions of such flowers date back to the time of Confucius. Their petals are probably easy to paint due to its size and "showy" arrangement. The types of orchids do not stop here, as there are 700 or more genera, but these are the most popular among the types of orchids.

Author: Marty Lewis


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  5. Hi there sweetie, I wanted to ask, have you got any idea what kind of orchids I can grow in Greece? The climate is rather temperate, but no matter how hard I try to preserve my "flower shop" orchids, I always fail, and it's a shame, because they cost way too much here :(

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