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Friday, November 19, 2010

Orchids That Are Easy To Grow Indoors (1)

Orchids That Are Easy To Grow Indoors (1)

The increasing awareness that orchids can be grown successfully indoors has resulted in the increase in their popularity. Initially, let's review three of the popular orchid varieties that are considered to be easy to grow, together with some of their individual characteristics: Orchid Varieties and Care Requirements The following orchids are varieties of the epiphytic species which are noted for growing from the bark of trees in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Phalaenopsis Orchid, otherwise known as Moth Orchid, is a variety which has undergone cross-pollination, producing hybrids with a reputation for being able to adapt to an indoor environment. This cross-pollinating has also resulted in a wide selection of flower colours in both white tints and more defined colours. The leaves of this particular orchid type are thick and fleshy, while its blooms remain in flower from two to three months.

Cattleyas Orchid is an orchid species recognised for its beautiful colourful flowers in a wide range of colours. Generally considered to be the instantly recognisable orchid image, this plant's blooms feature a variety of markings with the petal having a frilly edge. Each orchid's blooms remain in flower for up to four weeks. Oncidium Orchid, also recognised as Dancing Lady Orchid is versatile in its tolerance to different growing conditions, particularly with regard to cooler temperatures. The blooms from this orchid range in both size and colour of flower, and will thrive within an indoor environment.

Orchid Fragrance is one characteristic that is enjoyed by all who grow and enjoy their orchid plants aE" these growers consider that no other group of floral plants produce a range of scents which can compare with the subtle aromas of the orchid family. Orchid Care When it comes to caring for orchid plants, the provision of the following basic requirements will ensure that the orchids will continue to flourish.  Read More...........(2)

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