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Friday, November 19, 2010

Orchids That Are Easy To Grow Indoors (2)

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Orchid Fragrance is one characteristic that is enjoyed by all who grow and enjoy their orchid plants aE" these growers consider that no other group of floral plants produce a range of scents which can compare with the subtle aromas of the orchid family. Orchid Care When it comes to caring for orchid plants, the provision of the following basic requirements will ensure that the orchids will continue to flourish.

Temperature and humidity are vital to the success of growing orchids. It is true that some orchids originate from temperate climates however, the majority of orchids develop best within a temperature range between 16 Celsius (60 Fahrenheit) minimum night-time temperature, to a summer temperature of 29 Celsius (85 Fahrenheit). The natural habitat of most orchid species is humid, which is why the location of the indoor orchid should be at a higher level of humidity than that of the average home. This can be achieved by placing the orchid pot on a small tray containing moist gravel or pebbles, but with the pot being clear of the water. The moisture will evaporate, producing an increased level of humidity in the vicinity of the orchid.

Watering orchids should follow, as closely as possible, to the quantity and duration of rain the orchid receives in the wild. The intervals between watering will vary according to the temperature with the watering frequency being increased in hot weather. As a guide try watering about once a week, while checking that the surface of the exposed,aerial' roots, are dried out before the next watering.  Read more........ (3)

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