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Friday, November 19, 2010

Orchids That Are Easy To Grow Indoors (3)

From -- Orchids That Are Easy To Grow Indoors (2)

Daylight is very important to orchids, although it should be remembered that in the wild, orchid plants experience a combination of both sun and shade; this ensures that it is protected from sustained strong sunlight. To replicate this natural environment consider placing the orchid adjacent to an east facing window during summer months and then relocating it in a sunnier window at the start of winter.

Planting orchids should be undertaken with some care. Do not use normal potting soil or compost as this will restrict both the water drainage as well as the circulation of air around the roots. Suitable potting mediums are either tree bark mixed with crumbled charcoal, or sphagnum moss from New Zealand.

Use urea free fertiliser when growing orchids, as the normal fertilisers containing the compound urea or carbamide, are not suitable for orchid plants. One beneficial method is to use water soluble fertiliser which can be applied during a watering sequence. A sign that an orchid is lacking adequate feeding and requires the nutrients contained in a fertiliser is the yellowing of its leaves.

Conclusion This brief overview of some of the main orchid topics provides a starting point to venture further into the exciting process of selecting, buying and then growing and caring for a special exotic and beautiful orchid plant. In addition, this may even develop into an appreciation of the diverse world of orchids and their natural habitats.

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