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Sunday, October 3, 2010

6 Tips to Make Your Orchids Bloom Healthily

Taking care of orchids is not a very demanding job. Once you know what to check and what to do, you can actually leave the plant to bloom healthily. Like any other plants, there are important things that you have to keep in mind to make your orchid growing successful. There are also some mistakes to avoid to help you make your plants bloom well.

If you plan to take care and grow orchids at home, here are some tips that you might find useful. - tips - tips - tips -

1st tips - Do not plant your orchids on the ground. Orchids grow in rocks and on trees, thus you will never get to grow an orchid if you plant in on the soil or pot it with soil. Although this is the case, you may also need to have a potting medium to allow them to grow healthily. Coconut husk chips or fiber, tree bark, granular charcoal and tree fern fiber are just a few of the medium that you can use in potting your orchids.

2nd tips -. Do not over water your orchid plants. One sure way that can kill your orchid plants is to over water it. Taking care of orchids means learning how to determine if the plant needs watering or not. Keep in mind that some varieties may absorb water longer, so you have to also check out if the medium is dry until the roots to water it again. It is important to note also that too much dryness can be a lot better for orchids than too much wetness. Keep in mind not to water your orchids at night as well.

3th tips - . Keep your orchid away from direct sunlight. It may be helpful to take note that orchids love sunlight, but too much sunlight may burn the plants and kill them. Watch out for the discoloration of the leaves. A reddish to yellowish discoloration of the leaves may mean too much direct sunlight, thus you may want to find other locations best suited for your plants.

4th tips - . Put your orchids in a place where it can experience a difference in temperature. One tip is to place your plants near the window where it can get a good amount of sunlight in the morning and a change of temperature in the evening. A change in temperature can often trigger orchids to bloom, thus consider this as well in taking care of orchids.

5th tips - . Maintain low humidity for your plants. This will allow them to absorb water from the air, but if your indoor atmosphere does not permit your orchids to get enough from the humidity, you can also control humidity by creating a humidity tray. If you have other houseplants indoors, and they thrive well, the humidity may be good for your orchids as well.

6th tips -. Overcrowding is another thing that you have to watch out for in taking care of orchids. These plants do not grow and blossom well if they are to overcrowded in the medium, thus you have to do repotting once in a while to give them enough space to grow healthily.

By :  Carolyn Anderson 


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