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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Magic Of Orchids - eBook

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you a story about a man who had a terrible case of Orchid fever. He was obsessed with Orchids. This secretive orchid hunter and cultivator devoted his life to their care and study. He read everything, tried everything, and noted everything.

He succeeded in growing many a glorious hybrid but showed neither his orchids nor his notes to anyone. Except once! Just once Anton Thuranzsky allowed his 8-year-old daughter into his orchid house to see his breathtaking collection.

When he died, his growing secrets would have died with him if his daughter had not discovered his manuscript hidden underneath a bookcase. Packed into her suitcase she took it with her as she left Hungary for her new home in the US.

Written in his native Hungarian, it took her years of painstaking work to translate, edit, test, update, and cross-reference his original writing. And now, destined to become THE AUTHORITATIVE GUIDEBOOK on orchid care, the book is finally ready.

    That’s quite a claim isn’t it: ‘THE AUTHORITATIVE GUIDEBOOK’? But, it’s true and we can prove it because if you were to try to find the information in this Amazing Resource somewhere else, you would need volumes of books and then, you still wouldn’t find the breakthrough orchid care information covered in this 210 page instantly downloadable ebook, including photos and illustrations

Here are just some of the questions this ‘Orchid Magic’ book will answer for you about orchid care.

• Is it true that anybody can grow orchids?
Answer. Yes but you'd better know which ones. Don't be fooled, some orchids are for beginners; others are for intermediate and advanced growers. Chapter 1 tells and shows you which is which. Then the book gives you the knowledge to move from beginner to advanced.

• Can I grow orchids from seed?
Answer. Yes, Chapter 10 takes you step-by-step through the fascinating process of maturing Orchids from seeds.

• What about hybrids? Does the book tell me how to grow hybrids?
Answer. Not only does it tell you, it shows you. Do you want to grow a prize-wining hybrid? Then you need to know which Orchids to use for parents. That’s covered in Chapter 12.
Did you know that some Hybrids have sold for up to $10,000.00. Maybe you can create one that will carry your name and sell for even more.

• What did Charles Darwin discover about orchids, and is that something I really need to know?
A. Not really, but you can find the answer is Chapter 2 and it makes for great conversation.

• My orchids are looking sickly what's wrong with them?
A. Is your orchid sick or merely going through a phase? Chapter 6 answers how to diagnose one from the other. If you don't have this information you can do more harm than good because some Orchids can look sick when all they’re doing is going through a growing phase.

• What do I do about Orchid pests.
A. Chapter 9 shows and tells you how detect and deal with the various pests.

• To repot or not repot, how do I know?
A. Because a mistake in misreading the signs can kill, Chapter 8 answers when and how in great detail. Also forget about all the other potting mediums because here you learn which is quite simply the perfect orchid potting medium.

• I've heard something about Rhizoctonia what is it?
A. It's a friendly fungus, and if you feed it to your orchids they'll adore you for it. On Page 149 you’ll find the formula for duplicating the fungus's actions.

• How do I know when my Orchids need rest?
A. Just like you Orchids need their rest and different orchids employ various methods for showing you that it’s their time. Chapter 8 tells you everything you need to know about orchid resting.

And that barely scratches the surface because what’s good for your Cattleya could kill your Phalaenopsis. Even certain orchids within the same type require different methods and with this book in your hands you’ll master everything from the easily grown Cypripediums to the temperamental hybrids. 

The Magic Of Orchids - eBoo = CLICK HERE !!!

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